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Our company which is Kuala Lumpur-based Company Secretarial team specializes in providing an inhouse professional services, comprising an expert advice and practical assistance to companies and their boards of directors and other officers. Our consultancies cover the Malaysian company law, corporate practice and other compliance matters, and assist with a wide range of routine and specialist matters relating to the Companies Acts 1965 and revised 2016 and associated legislation by the Commissioner of Companies Malaysia (CCM).


Get secretarial services accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2016

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Our accounting services is is to provide financial information to the stakeholders of the business

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Outsourcing your tax function frees up time that allows employees to spend their energy on issues related to the business’s core competency.

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IBC GLOBAL LODGEMENT are also able to assist you in work permit applications and other related services.

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How Long We Have Been In This Industries

Our company have been founded for a years and serve more than hundreds of satisfied clients


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Satisfied Customers

What Our Customer Said About Us

I couldn’t thank IBC enough when it’s team helped me during my difficult time, especially when the dateline to submit my audit report almost overdue!

Munirah Mohd

I choose IBC for their dynamic communications. They respond to my WhatsApp text within minutes.

Razak Ali

I feel appreciated and valued, and of course, I know my duty to pay their good service haha

Elvin Tan

IBC has CDS system which is similar to MYDATA in SSM. I can retrieve my document anywhere and anytime as long as I have internet access. It’s so convenient for a busy man like me!

Dr. Amani

I support technology sustainability and IBC is implementing green technologies, paper less, online forms, cloud document and many others which make my life easier!


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